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Looking for a wheelchair, walkers, accessories for wheelchairs and walkers? Need to go to the store to ask for advice on wheelchair accessories? Find us online on our website or contact us by phone. We have finally thought of putting together a sort of winning formula. Finally, to help you make better decisions, we put all the details about each product on our site. Our representatives are and will always be available to best address your concerns. Focusing our business online is a huge advantage for you. This quote gives us the power to propose you the best prices.

Following an accident or convalescence, you may temporarily need an equipment to make traveling easier. But unfortunately, we work instead in sales and do not offer rental services.

Absolutely, our goal is the commitment of our teams to bring you products of the highest quality, to offer a set of medical supplies at the right price. On our website you will find different medical devices, suitable for a wide variety of different medical specialties.

We have a very good business relationship with our partners, which is a great advantage for you because it allows us to sell at profitable prices. You should understand that our products are of high quality. Our products are durable and very resistant. They are most often found in hospital settings.

Contact the manufacturer to notify your concerns or manufacturing problem so that he can find a solution quickly. Depending on the problem he can either send you a spare part or completely change your product.

We make free deliveries throughout Canada, but in most cases, you will receive delivery within 2 to 7 business days following your order. However, we will inform you if an unexpected event causes additional time to be added.